the other nice thing about the ‘culture’ novels is they’re all self-contained. i read ‘matter’ and ‘surface detail’ before ‘consider phlebas’ and am hardly the worse for it. :)

“werner herzog eats a sandwich” closes March 26!

My first solo show is closing this week! After today, the gallery is open by appointment — so if you are in Brooklyn and would like to come by the show this week, you can email me and we can work out something out. I’ve put up all the paintings from the show¬†on this page, if you would like to see. Here’s the flagship piece:


“werner herzog eats a sandwich i // stupidity”


Putting the show together was really fun, and got my butt in gear to keep making art. Thanks to Yashar Gallery and Brooklyn Art Studios for their support — and to Brooklyn Brewery for supplying the beer for the opening! :)